HYPOCHONDRIA is a title sequence that I made for a fictional series (which I also invented).

Hypochondria is a drama that takes place in a parallel universe, where the pollution on earth is - as they say - even much more disastrous than our world is.
In that world, the government obligates that everyone must take a couple of pills each day because these pills prevent getting diseases caused by the contamination.
The two main characters, Asher and casey also do this without questioning.
Then on one rushed morning Asher drops one of his pills and forgets to take it.

Will he find out what the pills really do?


NEOPARENT was made for an assignment in school.

We all individually designed an app made for parents with premature children.
The app helps the parents to be less scared, get more information, and be more involved in the process to make sure the baby gets healthy and strong.
This is one part of the assignment where we had to make a showcase video for the Applestore.
Since it was designed for a hospital in Belgium, the language is Dutch.
The music is not made by me.


A universal form of tension that occurs in response to external stimuli and followed by a specific pattern of physiological reactions. Stress is something that San van Bell and I majorly suffer from on a daily basis. This project is the consequence. This was an installation we made for Mutation Festival, Ghent. The project audio-visualizes the topic by living it. San Van Bell on the visuals, me on the audio. The audio contains overstimulation which causes stress and a layer of binaural beats that stands in for anxiety. Enjoy?


Concept of a micronation based on the subconscious.


These are some tests I did in After Effects


... Sooooo this is an experiment I did.

This is me, and thanks to the dear photoshop I managed to make myself look like this naked alien creature. (WHICH MEANS I WAS NOT NAKED IN REAL LIFE)
The background is a shot from a 360 movie I helped working on (in Portugal, real exciting) mashed up with the interface of lumetri color in premiere that showed up while editing HYPOCHONDRIA.
Love after effects <3
I also made the music.

TARA 2.0

This experimental short movie was shot with a friend of mine on a morning after we went out partying.

I took the camera and we went out filming in my neigborhood.
Then I made this soundscape and edited it all togheter and added some after effects.


This stop motion is depicting the rivalry between two of Paris most beloved icons: the straight and the curved croissant.


During the shooting of this videoclip our director Vincent suffered a eplectic seizure.
We were all thrown by surprise since we did not know what to do.
bAfterwords he described it as what is happening in the videoclip.
We wanted to share the following statement of our director:

"During filming, I fell to the ground. Epileptic dancing on a concrete floor in the presence of cast and crew. 'The Abject' originally intended on capturing the feeling of a forced psychiatric hospitalization back in the early 20's. Ultimately, at least for me, it has also become a portrait of what epilepsy is. The falling, the confusion, the fatigue ... That is not what is difficult about epilepsy. From one moment to the other, my consciousness feels separate from my body. That is what is difficult about epilepsy. No longer being able to follow a conversation while you are still just standing. Creeping up on you is the thought that soon... I will dance with the floor. That is what is difficult about living with epilepsy. Want to know how that feels? Then just watch 'The Abject'."

The song is
produced, recorded & mixed by Tim De Gieter at Much luv studio,
mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
performed by Monkey Juice
The video is written by Vincent Van Nauw & Monkey Juice. I helped with shooting but also did the special effects.


I worked on production during this aftermovie of an event that took place in Ghent.


Foreign Truckers come and go at the dispatch of the company Borealis.
Many truckers don't understand Dutch or English, so giving instrucions is sometimes a hard job.
I made this little instrucion movie for dispatch at Borealis during july 2018 as a student job.
I focussed on giving instructions as visual as possible, so that most people would understand what they have to do.
There is no background music, because people at dispatch have to sit there all day long, and the video is meant to play on a screen on the wall in a loop.
This was my first time setting up a greenscreen and that was really fun to do.

I don't think this is my best work, but it was a whole experience getting no instructions at all, and doing this all by myself, concept, getting all the information, and pre to postproduction.


This videomapping was made for the videomappingfestival MASKA in Zlin, Czech Republic.

The visuals are based on the grid of the building.
Using the frequencies of Binaural Beats, mixed with the abstract visuals and the music, I am creating a stressed and chaotic vibe.
I recommend listening with headphones.(The Binaural beat is created in the brain, casue by the little difference between the frequencies in the left and right side of the headphonespeaker)


A short movie showing off the UX of an app I designed.

The app would be used for a subject in school calles CROSS MEDIA.
The previous program sucked really hard, so I began off scratch.


An ident made for the Youth Film Festival in Ghent.
The theme is monsters and the target group is children and their parents.


Sonar is an art soundlab in my neighborhood.
We are experimenters but not even that bad in sound and music.
I made a little movie an flyers for our workshops we gave in september untill november.