Translating pain is a VR – experience that includes a data – visualization and sonification.  The parameters to make these possible are derived from my sister’s – Nina Stoffijn, chronic pain patient – pain.  Those parameters include pain quantity, pain type and pain location over the course of one month.

Besides the data – visualization aspect, there is a sonification one. Sonification makes data auditive. It is a topic that has a lot of potential in society, yet is not so popular as I think it should be. Present-day society mainly relies on visuals when it comes to presenting information and data in general.  Auditory perception has advantages that opens possibilities as an alternative or complement to visualization techniques. The human brain is remarkably sensitive to patterns and sonification is a tool that can support this. More specific for this project, sonification can help with recognizing pain patterns.

Because feeling the pain of another person isn’t included in our sensory - package, this project translates pain into something we can perceive. The experience is an impression of Nina’s personal feeling, because pain is individual-based.






A universal form of tension that occurs in response to external stimuli and followed by a specific pattern of physiological reactions. Stress is something that San van Bell and I majorly suffer from on a daily basis. This project is the consequence. This was an installation we made for Mutation Festival, Ghent. The project audio-visualizes the topic by living it. San Van Bell on the visuals, me on the audio. The audio contains overstimulation which causes stress and a layer of binaural beats that stands in for anxiety. Enjoy?


This videomapping was made for the videomappingfestival MASKA in Zlin, Czech Republic.

The visuals are based on the grid of the building.
Using the frequencies of Binaural Beats, mixed with the abstract visuals and the music, I am creating a stressed and chaotic vibe.
I recommend listening with headphones.(The Binaural beat is created in the brain, caused by the little difference between the frequencies in the left and right side of the headphonespeaker)


This stop motion is depicting the rivalry between two of Paris most beloved icons: the straight and the curved croissant.


During the shooting of this videoclip our director Vincent suffered a eplectic seizure.
We were all thrown by surprise since we did not know what to do.
bAfterwords he described it as what is happening in the videoclip.
We wanted to share the following statement of our director:

"During filming, I fell to the ground. Epileptic dancing on a concrete floor in the presence of cast and crew. 'The Abject' originally intended on capturing the feeling of a forced psychiatric hospitalization back in the early 20's. Ultimately, at least for me, it has also become a portrait of what epilepsy is. The falling, the confusion, the fatigue ... That is not what is difficult about epilepsy. From one moment to the other, my consciousness feels separate from my body. That is what is difficult about epilepsy. No longer being able to follow a conversation while you are still just standing. Creeping up on you is the thought that soon... I will dance with the floor. That is what is difficult about living with epilepsy. Want to know how that feels? Then just watch 'The Abject'."

The song is
produced, recorded & mixed by Tim De Gieter at Much luv studio,
mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
performed by Monkey Juice
The video is written by Vincent Van Nauw & Monkey Juice. I helped with shooting but also did the special effects.


Casemovie showing off the UX of an app I designed.

The app would be used for a subject in school called CROSS MEDIA.
The previous program sucked really hard, so I began off scratch.


NEOPARENT was made for an assignment in school.

We all individually designed an app made for parents with premature children.
The app helps the parents to be less scared, get more information, and be more involved in the process to make sure the baby gets healthy and strong.
This is one part of the assignment where we had to make a showcase video for the Applestore.
Since it was designed for a hospital in Belgium, the language is Dutch.
The music is not made by me.