This videomapping was made for the videomappingfestival MASKA in Zlin, Czech Republic.

The visuals are based on the grid of the building.
Using the frequencies of Binaural Beats, mixed with the abstract visuals and the music, I am creating a stressed and chaotic vibe.
I recommend listening with headphones.(The Binaural beat is created in the brain, casue by the little difference between the frequencies in the left and right side of the headphonespeaker)


A universal form of tension that occurs in response to external stimuli and followed by a specific pattern of physiological reactions. Stress is something that San van Bell and I majorly suffer from on a daily basis. This project is the consequence. This was an installation we made for Mutation Festival, Ghent. The project audio-visualizes the topic by living it. San Van Bell on the visuals, me on the audio. The audio contains overstimulation which causes stress and a layer of binaural beats that stands in for anxiety. Enjoy?